The stars may impel, but they do not compel.

The stars may impel, but they do not compel.
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If memory serves me right that’s the quote from a well known astrologer.

There is a force, A GREATER FORCE.
Which forms our mind and freely we obey !!

Yes we are not the way we are,that’s how the universe made us to be.The positioning of the stars on the date of our birth plays a key role telling how we will turn out.

But what If we can change it,if we are not satisfied.

However our mind should be stronger on how good we are at giving up on these habits.

We (Brahmins) strongly believe on kundali (birth charts), for the perfect compatibility with the life partner.
I wonder, how can it be stronger than the love, care , support and all the promises we make.

Yes,at the end of the day, we need them holding our hand . That’s it .
And as long as you love him,and he loves you with full commitments of making it work.Nothing and no one can ever come between you !!

We should choose the wiser path of seeking guidance in our souls,from God .Anything we do with faith in God will blossom than you could hope to find from an astrologer. (Hanshita Sharma)