The Mind game: Hanshita Sharma

The Mind game

Sometimes you really don’t need a doctor,
You just need a person to listen to you …

Recently I got a chance to counsel a person ,
But the more I met her, the more I got to know her…

It was late Saturday , when we met first at the Cafe. I saw her so confused and very stubborn in her thoughts…

I started observing her body language. Her fingers were playing with each other and yes may be she knew her mental state.

I knew I was on a case but this time I felt so close to her.

My mind told me, yes this happens my dear when someone really close to you never gave you that much importance you deserve and after that your frustration just buries inside your heart…

I used to think yes I dont need anyone in my life and would stay alone…

But she changed my perception of living life.

We all, yes we all, admit it or not ,

We all need dignity, we all want to know how much important we are in their life..

We all need a person whom we can share, whom we can trust.

Who will listens to us and will never judge .

That day god gave me the opportunity to become that important person in someone’s life .😊 
credit: Hanshita Sharma